Wired Network Connection To Tablets Without Network Interface

2017-08-23 09:09:42 editor 191

Network speed should get top consideration when our MacBook or Ultrabook is used. But as we all know, most ever - sleeker and lighter portables are not equipped with a network interface. Sometimes wireless network may be not available or be a bit slow.

So here is a perfect solution to this problem: Ethernet Adapter.


Two versions can an, namely the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 version. USB 2.0 version can adapt to 10/100 Mbps while USB 3.0 fits 10/100/1000 Mbps.


This can play an important role on various occasions as we can see below:


Compatible with tablets without network interface

Tablets like MacBook and Surface are popular mostly because it is light and thin enough (That is why the network interface is not equipped). It can not only connect to the wireless network but also the wired network provided by this adapter that ensures the network speed. If Surface is used while you are working, this adapter will make it be more efficient. This is indeed a great peripheral for those who owns such kind of tablets!



Compatible with network tv box

Yes, if you have network tv boxes such as Apple tv box, Huawei tv box or enhanced Xiaomi tv box, this will be a good choice if you wanna high-speed and stable broadband transmission which will reduce the chance of the lag problem. Now you can enjoy the videos as you wish.



Compatible with the host of computer

If the network interface on the host is broken, it is also not troublesome for us to connect it to wired network because of this ethernet adapter that adds a network interface for the host. If the interface is broken, there is no need to change the host anymore. That helps us make full use of the host as well as save money.



Compatible with Nintendo switch

This much - loved handy adapter will help those who are in the dorms. You may want to connect wifi to your Wii that does not have the ability to connect. At this time, an ethernet adapter is needed to connect your Nintendo switch to the wired network. Once connected, you can play any games without lag or disconnections in your rest time. It will be loved by game lovers.


Of course, it is recommended because of its unique features:


Wide compatibility

This ethernet adapter is adaptive to many systems as well as devices just as the following image shows, which is one extremely important feature because of the differences between people’s devices (Windows RT and Android are not supported).



AX88772 chipset 

This chip permits driver free available on bran-new Windows 8/10 system. If other systems do not allow, there is, of course, an installation guide when you plug the adapter.



Handy and simple enough

It is portable enough for people to hold it in hand or put it in the pocket. Why not try this light and space-saving adapter?


 Power light design

Green and yellow LEDs are designed to show us the working status. Once connected normally, the green light is ever bright while the yellow one is flashing.



This ethernet adapter is widely used in our daily life. If your tablet, computer host, Nintendo switch or smart tv box needs a perfect solution for wired network, this will be stunning! Would you like to have a try?