It Can Prevent Apple's Original Data Cable From Being Broken

2018-08-09 14:27:22 editor 123

By rights, we do not need to consider the quality of data lines. However, the Apple data line is an exception: it will not take a long time to crack.


What should we do? Will you buy a new one? Actually there is no need to spend so much money because we can keep it safe and sound through this way!


The above is Apple's original data line equipped with a lightning cable protector. Now it is not easy for the data line to be broken.

Here is the other picture of the powerful lightning cable protectors.


Prolong the lifetime of original data lines

Apple original data lines use the more environment-friendly and expensive TPE material, which is also easier to crack.


This protector, with firm PVC material and strong but pliable texture, will not leave an indentation. But it can protect the data line forcefully.


If the data line has bulged or cracked, this protector can wrap it up to prevent the data line cracking further and to avoid leakage of electricity or short circuit.


Groove design: anti-skidding

As we can see from the image, not only the anti-skidding design but also the hidden buttons are applied to the groove, which will make the protector more stable and be more anti-skidding.


The protector can be divided into inside and outside layers, only the soft inner layer (longer one) can touch the data line. The outer layer is used for further reinforcement. Both hard and soft layers can keep data lines safe.


Two sizes can be chosen

There are two sizes of the original iPhone data line, so it is with the Ugreen protector.  So 4mm is just right for iPhone 6 or earlier original data lines while data lines of iPhone 6s or updated version suit 4.2mm best.


Simple Usage

How to use this protector?  You just need to do it step by step like the picture shows. Fix the original data line and press the fillister. Now everything is done.


The smaller fixed point approaches the neck of the data line, which will be more stable.


Reasonable in price

You just need to spend a little money to save several expensive data lines. It is really happy with this good news!



It is easy for the original Apple data line to break while it is not worth buying a new one. Why not solve the problem radically? A little money can solve the cracking problem forever. What do you think of this accessory?