How To Equip Your Previous Loudspeaker Box Bluetooth Function

2017-08-21 16:27:43 editor 192

It is believed that many people will keep an old loudspeaker box at home to listen to music. But the Bluetooth era has come, it is not convenient without Bluetooth function. We can use this Bluetooth receiver to achieve the Bluetooth function!



3.5mm audio jack supports sound equipment with 3.5mm AUX port. Plug and play function is available as long as the other side ( smartphone or tablet) is equipped with Bluetooth function.


In simple terms, this AUX4.1 Bluetooth receiver is perfect for audio equipment. The ordinary loudspeaker box can be one with Bluetooth, which allows wireless feature when we are listening to music or answering a call.



In addition, the traditional in-ear earphone can also be Bluetooth one. Sounds great when it is used to listen to music.


It is also okay to connect car audio.Here Bluetooth receiver with a mic is recommended. It enables you to listen to music without earphone wire and answer the call instantly without holding the phone when driving.


Its appearance does attract people because ABS shell looks so high-end. Of course, if the size is your chief concern, this will be great.


Application Effect

Application effect is the most important point that people will care about. You can listen to music for at least four hours continuously. It is no matter if you are at home, in the office or on the way, this will work perfectly.


There is a micro charging port beneath the adapter and it only takes one and half an hour to make the adapter fully charged.


CSR Bluetooth chip is applied, which helps the adapter to be improved in performances like power saving and dissipation as well as low latency. What's more, stable signals and better tone quality can be realized, too.


Built-in PIFA antenna ensures a good connection performance within 10 meters, namely more stable signal transmission and better sound. This distance can be adapted to various environments.


Usage Method

Press the Bluetooth receiver switch and the receiver blue light will flash, You can wait for the smartphone to match with the receiver after opening the smartphone's Bluetooth, searching and connecting Bluetooth. The remaining power of the Bluetooth receiver is clear enough when the adapter is connected to iPhone.

This adapter can store five IDs, but it can only connect to one Bluetooth device each time.



If you do not pursue the extreme sound quality, compared to a new Bluetooth speaker, this Bluetooth receiver is clearly the most simple and the most cost-effective way. After all, changing ordinary speakers is easy while car speakers are not. This Bluetooth receiver is enough.


If you want your car, old loudspeaker box or headset be equipped with Bluetooth function, the Bluetooth receiver is very suitable for you!