It Greatly Prolongs The Lifetime Of Your Apple Watch Charging Cable

2017-08-18 11:45:11 editor 121

For Apple watch owners, it will be an extremely good news that there is a gadget to protect its original charging cable as well as facilitate their travels.



Why is this stylish gadget stunning enough? Well, it is not a good idea to put our apple watch charging cable in the bag or on the table at random because this cable will be easily broken when we try to take it out from the bag or books and some other articles will weigh it down.


So how does it work in order to prolong the lifetime of your Apple watch charging cable?


You maybe firstly attracted by its look - stylish and ultraportable enough - but its function can be known via this picture below. There are two slots respectively for the charging cable and Apple watch with 38mm and 42mm.


The length can be adjusted while charging according to people's requirements. At the same time, it can also be a stand to support your Apple watch when we do not want to use it.



When it comes to the operation, it is easy to understand.


Aluminum alloy case not only makes it be sleek and exquisite but also be anti-corrosion. What's more, it is not easy to be broken, which can protect the charging cable forcefully.



Look at the detachable protective silicone, which can greatly protect your charging head. Our charging cables will be safe and sound all the time only if it is in the charging stand.


Yes, it is tiny enough that we can take it with us when travelling. It is space-saving. We just need to throw it in our carry on when we travel.


If you have an Apple watch with 38mm and 42mm and an original charging cable, you want to protect them and also facilitate you when you travel. This portable charging stand will be wonderful enough to help you to do that.