Drivers: Do You Have One Type Of Must-haves Among These?

2017-08-16 09:47:03 editor 103

It is inevitable that drivers will take long journeys or go out with families and friends by car. We often pass the time playing smartphones or laptops. That is why we need to prepare a car charger in the car to charge smartphones or laptops in time.


Actually, there are several kinds of car charger that we can opt for. Here we can have a general understanding of the car chargers below.


When it comes to the ports, we can divide it into dual and triple ports, which is common in our daily life.



Car charger with three ports

Car charger with three ports is equivalent to preparing chargers in the car. And two smartphones and one laptop can be charged at the same time with current matching automatically without hurting your smartphones.



Now three people can charge simultaneously in your car. You do not need to worry about that there are not enough ports to charge smartphones. With wide compatibility, both iPhones and most Android phones are perfectly in line with these car chargers. Smartphones below are just one part.



Car charger with dual ports

Car charger with dual ports is widely used too. But there are many details that we need to pay more attention to, such as the charging speed of each port and the materials they are made from. How to distinguish the charging speed of each port when the materials are the same?


Now let us take the wraps off these car chargers' differences. As for car chargers with different materials and charging ports, there are mainly three types that we need to know.



Same Charging Ports + Different Materials

Shells with aluminium alloy and ABS+PC materials: quick charge 3.0 and 2.4A intelligent charging ports are equipped. With QC 3.0 technology, Xiaomi 5 can be fully charged in one hour. It is nearly four times faster than the conventional one.


As for QC 2.0, it also has faster charging speed than the ordinary charging port but is still slower than QC 3.0. The signal will be marked clearly beside the ports.


Same Material+Different charging Ports  

Both car chargers have two different ports. One kind is featured with a QC 3.0 or QC 2.0 port and an ordinary charging port. While the other kind includes two ordinary charging ports. For more detailed information, pls click the picture below.


 Aluminium alloy material is also applied widely, whose two charging ports are the almost same (QC 3.0 and ordinary ports) with the above one.



Look! There is another type named dual ports car charger with cigarette lighter socket. 3 devices can be charged at the same time with this car charger. 2 ports can charge smartphones and laptop and the cigarette lighter port can be connected to GPS, handheld vacuum cleaner and electric air pump etc.


Overvoltage/Undervoltage protections, overcurrent /overtemperature protections, overload /short-circuit protections are provided by these chargers, which means that its security is guaranteed. Of course, they can be used in various types of cars, like sedan car, cross-country vehicle and truck.



No matter whatever materials and charging speed, a suitable one is the most favourable. When you use the QC 2.0 or QC 3.0 charging port to charge your smartphone that does not support quick charge technology, there is still no need to worry that the car charger will do harm to your smartphone because it will adjust the current automatically. But the charging speed will become ordinary.


Now you can say goodbye to the slow charging speed if your smartphone supports quick charge technology. Or there is no need to worry that the smartphones will run down suddenly when you are travelling by car. Or you do not need to worry that it will hurt your smartphone and car.