How To Deal With The Messy Lines When You Go Out

2017-08-15 09:32:59 editor 140

All of us like to travel with as little baggage as possible. But when we take a look at the bag, the charge line, cell phone data cable, computer power cord, camera line, and a variety of card readers, HUBs and so on ... These messy lines are not space-saving. So, is there any way to deal with this?


Yes, of course! Here we go:

The Combination Of Data Lines

You may encounter such a situation: You have a power bank with a micro interface while your smartphone is iPhone or one with a type-c interface. What's worse, if you use a power bank with the micro interface, iPhone with a lightning interface, a notebook with a type-c interface ... So many lines will make people crazy.


Of course, there are some methods to solve this. Have you ever used a data line with lightning+micro interfaces? Maybe you like type-c more or you have three types? This situation that the smartphone, power bank and laptop run down at the same time seldom happens to us. Then a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 data line in the bag is enough.



Two Sets In The Office And At Home Respectively

We often spend much time in the office or at home. If you worry about forgetting to take data lines, to take a wrong data line or to take a lot of data lines, you can put a data line in the office and at home respectively. So the smartphone will be in power all the time.


You can choose the original data lines or data lines with a big brand. Of course, lengths and colours can be considered by the way.



Electronics Organizer Elastic Travel Board

If there are still many data lines in your bag, this gadget must be favoured by you.


It, whose back is a normal package that can put the cards and files, can accommodate data cable, power supply, charger, headset, hard drive, U disk and power bank.




Methods listed above are just a part. There are still many ways to deal with plenty of messy data line. We can also find these ways by ourselves!