Is Round Audio Cable Better than Flat One?

2018-09-10 16:40:13 ugreen 1642

When referring to listening to music, we know that headsets are of much importance as well as the audio cables because some people are inclined to choose headsets while others prefer audio cables at home.


Actually, both are often applied to various audio devices. But why the designs of the same kind product are different? Which kind is better?


In fact, when the same kind of product with a different design is released, it is because some problems appear when people use them. The original type needs to be changed in some aspects in order to meet the diverse requirements of different people. Each kind has its own advantages. We can not say which type is better.


Let us take audio cables for example:

Shapes of Audio Cables

Originally, round wires are often used by people. But why the flat audio cable is designed? What are their respective characteristics?

Round Audio Cable VS Flat Cable


Flat Wire:

Firstly, each time when we need to use it to listen to music, we usually need to spend some time to deal with the tangled round cables. Generally speaking, this can be avoided if you use the flat one. If the round wire is featured with high toughness and good elasticity, both are the same.    


Secondly, the flat wire can prolong the life because it can prevent the jack from being hurt when people pull the wire accidentally. The jack of the round wire is easy to be broken when it is pulled repeatedly.


Thirdly, we can use the flat wire headset when running for its smaller amplitude of fluctuation and stable wire stock, which can prevent wire entanglement effectively.

Round Audio Cable VS Flat Cable


Then, with the sleek and beautiful design, the flat wire is popular with most people.


Round Wire:

It can not be said that the round wire is worse because it is also popular with plenty of people.


First of all, light and portable enough as well as space-saving are also its features.


Secondly, it has a higher curvature than the flat one. It is easier for the flat wire to dehisce.

We may have different preferences which will help us make a decision to choose a suitable type for us.

Difference of Plugs:

We have seen clearly about the differences between the round and flat wires. So we may also notice that the plugs are of difference. One type is equipped with a 90 degree right angle while the other is featured with a straight head. 

Round Audio Cable VS Flat Cable

Obviously, we will choose different kinds on various occasions. Both will be applied to a variety of audio equipment accessories, which are mainly decided by personal preferences.


Theoretically, the jack with 90 degrees right angle is able to withstand greater tension and it is not easy to break off the wires. In addition, it can save more space in the car.

Round Audio Cable VS Flat Cable


Audio jacks of some equipment are installed aside, so a jack with 90 degrees right angle is more convenient


But we should not forget that the audio cable with a straight head is more simple and beautiful. Of course, both are the same. We can choose one according to the situation.


Material of Wires:

Now may I ask you one question? Have you ever used this type? The material of the wire is totally different. Nylon Braid is adopted, which can protect the wire to the greatest extent. Being scratch - proof, skid-proof, pressure-resistant and anti-abrasion are its superiorities.

Round Audio Cable VS Flat Cable

Of course, it is soft for easy storage and durable enough.

Round Audio Cable VS Flat Cable

All in all, the options of the wires with different designs are influenced by various aspects. We just need to prefer one that suits us most and you like best!