This Is How A Multi-card Reader Should Work

2017-08-11 09:22:37 editor 179

When the smartphone does a good job of storing the files, photos and films because of its large capacity nowadays, we do not rely on the SD card which can be inserted into the slot on the smartphone.


But as for photographers or those who need to use SD/TF/CF/MS cards frequently, this card reader is just what they need.



Unlike other card readers that only read SD or mini SD cards, it can read four cards at the same time. What does this mean? It means that you can transfer documents and photos or films between various cards. And constant unplugging and re-plugging can be avoided, too.



When using this multi-card reader, you will be surprised by its recognition and transmission speed(up to 5Gbps max). With USB 3.0 version, it is certainly has a high transmission speed as we can imagine.



Owing to its better compatibility, high-capacity memory card(256G) can also be read on it. So there is no need to worry about the capacity of a memory card, right?



Broad compatibility is also one advantage of it. GL3233 high speed 3.0 card reader chip is adopted, so it is plug-and-play and no driver needed. Looks very convenient.



Actually it is light but durable enough. The size can be space-saving. Its length is around half of the length of the smartphone and they have a similar width. Well, it is a bit thicker than the smartphone.



If you are keen on photographing, various types of memory cards will be used. If not, these cards will also be applied into many other different devices, such as MP3 and game equipment.


You can buy one for yourself or give someone else who will need it as a perfect present!