There Is No Need To Buy A Extra Headset For Your Computer

2017-08-09 09:29:17 editor 88

When using a laptop which has dual audio jacks, we generally prefer a headset with two jacks. Actually one phone headset with mics built in is enough. That is why there is no need to keep a extra headset especially for our computer.


How can this be achieved? It is the headphone splitter that does us a favour. Both the audio and mic ports can work simultaneously now with a phone headset. 



Although some laptops like Dell feature only a single (4-position) 3.5mm audio port to support both audio input and output, there are still many do not.


Why You Need This Splitter?

Imagine that you wanna make voice calls while also playing games, this splitter will be great. With this, you can also Skype with each other while playing games, etc.



If you are going to travel or have a business trip, you just need to take a splitter and one headset. Looks convenient.



When you want to enjoy video calls with friends and families, you can also use a phone headset wiht mic built in with this accessory.



Just like most of the audio cables, its gold-plated heads are exquisite and also durable. The aluminium shell which ensures signal transmission at a fast speed without interference. Well, it is favourable for its tiny design. We all do not like giant or heavy accessories indeed.



Actually this headphone splitter looks like the other similar kind that permits two headsets to be used together, which means that you can share music or films stored in the smartphone with two headsets being plugged into the smartphone.


Both are great, you can consider it and make the decision by yourself. Of course, that depends on your use habits.