How To Expand The Memory Of Your Smartphone

2017-08-08 09:04:08 editor 149

If you are asked what can we do with a smartphone, you may have thousands of answers. But apart from these common usages, there are also many other usages that are great fun.


Do you know how to connect the smartphone to the projector? Do you know how your smartphone reads photos stored in the camera?


Of course, do you know how your smartphone reads data in your flash drive?

Different smartphones can have various functions, and some smartphones can be funnier with third-party tools! So let us see the following usages.


How does smartphone read the data in the flash drive without PC?

Actually, it is the most simple and widespread. Only if your smartphone supports OTG function, you can connect your smartphone to flash drive to read data directly with OTG data line.


Which kind of OTG cable should you opt for? It is decided by the interface of your smartphone.


Then the films, images and working documents can be stored in flash drive which will help the smartphone save more space. Just connect your smartphone when necessary.


Of course, you can connect it to U disk / hard drive and then the millet box to watch videos in the U disk or hard drive.There is no need to worry if no network is available or the internet speed is so slow.


How to extend memory for smartphones quickly?

Although nowadays smartphones with large memory can be seen everywhere, the insufficient memory problem can not be avoided after they are being used for a period of time.


We often use apps to deal with this, actually, it is more important to expand the memory in a fast and easy way.


There are various flash drives that can be connected to the smartphones directly. Ordinarily speaking, these flash drives can be applied to smartphones and PCs.


Flash Drive For Android Smartphones

If you do not have a flash drive, this kind of flash drive will be great. You do not need to used data lines because it is plug and play.


In the same way, smartphones can play videos on the flash drive.


It can also connect to PC to copy the data like common flash drive. It is convenient, right?


Compared with the above OTG cable, this kind of flash drive is more expensive. You can make used of OTG cable to connect the smartphone to a flash drive.


Of course, if you think that it is troublesome to use OTG cable, this flash drive is more convenient. It is also compatible with tablet PC equipped with OTG function.


Flash Drive For iPhones

Its usages are the same with Android. The biggest differences between them are the interfaces and when you take photos, pictures can be stored on the flash drive when it connects to iPhone.


We must choose the official brand which has gotten Apple's official MFi certification while choosing Apple flash drive. Otherwise, if there is any problem, Apple is not responsible for this!


MFi certification is recognized by Apple, MFi certified products are within the scope of Apple's warranty.


Make Full Use Of Memory Card

Many smartphones do not support memory card now. So should we throw away the previous memory card? It is unnecessary. Because there are also many mobile phone card readers in the market which can connect to smartphone directly to read various kinds of memory cards such as TF/SD cards. In addition, single and all-in-one card reader can be available.

Single Card Reader

This type, whose one side is micro USB or type-c interface connecting to smartphones while the other side is used to connect to a computer with standard USB interface, can generally support one kind of memory card.


Smartphones can play videos and read data in the memory card, at the same time, it can extend memory for smartphones. So if you have used cell phone card readers, make full use of them now!


All-in-one Card Reader

This kind supports various types of memory card, such as TF/SD/MF cards, but it can only read one card at one time.


Its usage method is the same with a single card reader and it will also help to give more space for your smartphone.


These card readers can also be used as backup data lines to charge smartphones at the emergency time, at the same time, it can achieve data transmission function between the computer and smartphone.


In fact, there are many ways to extend the memory of the phones, the methods listed above are just some of the most simple, common and fast. If you pay more attention to the gadgets related to smartphones, you will find that thousands of kinds of usages can be gotten when our smartphones are connected with a variety of different accessories!


When choosing various accessories, if the official website offers, we can directly buy them from the official website. Although they are a little expensive we do not worry about its quality. But we should know that a lot of funny accessories are not available now on the official websites, it should be noticed that we need to choose a regular brand from other websites.