The Used Data Line Is Also Available When You Change Smartphone

2017-08-07 14:47:53 editor 132

Nowadays the update speed of smartphones has been getting faster. We always want to replace the existing smartphone with a new one. It does not matter if they are the same USB interface. But if it is transferred from Android to Apple, we may be depressed. Should we throw away the original data line? Is there any way to keep it working?


In fact, just a small adapter can help. The data line with the micro interface can be transferred into one with type-c / lightning interface!


Micro USB To Lightning

As the image shows, we just need to connect the Android data line to the convert connector, which will permit Android data line to charge iPhone and transmit data.


This adapter which can change a micro data cable to be an Apple data cable with free upgrade supports iphone7 / 7plus. It is of high quality with the MFi certification!


For people who use iPhones, It will be inconvenient if they want to charge their smartphone because lightning cables are not widely used. But now you can put the small convert connector in your wallet, other people's Android data line is also available with it.


Using a lightning interface like the Apple original data line can ensure that it is easier to plug and pull and that there will be no compatibility problem.


It is also anti-friction and corrosion resisting enough, which means you can use it for a long time.


●Micro USB To Type-c

This is the same as above, common micro data line will be a type-c one with micro USB to type-c convert connector.


Charging and data transmission are available while smartphone connects to the PC. Of course, it supports 2A high current.


In addition, this convert connector also supports OTG function. Smartphones'  internal memory will be expanded while it connects to OTG cable with an external flash drive. Then you can watch movies stored on the flash drive.


Being tiny enough is the biggest advantage of the convert connector. It is a bit larger than the data line connector. It is space-saving while being put in the wallet. Of course, it is also durable.




It is very normal that people will forget to take the data line when going out. Data lines with type-c or lightning interface are not common. So this kind of convert connector is perfect. One micro data line is enough when you go out. It is never mind if you do not take data line because other people's data lines are available with this tiny convert connector