Why Do Devices With Mini Type-B Interface Need This Cable?

2017-08-04 13:39:34 editor 88

We generally have devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras or camcorders, etc. What’s more, are you a driver who owns driving recorder or a game lover who has various game controllers.


These devices can not avoid being charged and used to transfer data, which can be realized by mini USB cable.



So why is this cable attractive enough to us? Is there anything we need to pay more attention to while purchasing on selection?


When it comes to data transmission or charging function, this cable is easy to use. As we can see, there is a type-A USB connector on one side and mini USB connector on the other side. Two connectors are used to connect different devices. Plug type-A connector into your PC or MacBook while the other side is connected to your devices with the mini type-B interface.



There are so many applications as we can imagine. Here we can have a look at several common scenarios.


You can connect the camera with MacBook to download photos to MacBook at a fast speed.

MP3 player will be often used for you can carry it with you and listen to music at any time. So it needs to be charged. And some new music files can be transferred to it.

Documents in the hard disk can be transmitted to your PC at a fast speed. The transmission speed of standard USB 2.0 can be up to 480MBPS. Sounds cool indeed.


Its usage methods are so simple, but you do not know its great advantages.


Corrosion-resistant bare copper conductor and aluminum MG triple shielding are applied interiorly, which not only minimize data loss and electromagnetic interference but also allow greater safe current.

24K gold-plated plug is used to minimize data loss and retard the oxidation of the connector effectively.

The environment-friendly PVC connector is quite flexible and reliable with strain relief.  It feels very durable and fits snugly in place.



You can choose the length as you like for there are three optional choices. It is convenient enough for different people with various requirements.



But we need to notice that the interface of this cable is standard mini USB and it is USB 2.0 cable. Pls check whether it fits our devices before purchasing or not.


Do you also think this cable is actually attractive and worthy enough for the huge advantages and wide compatibility? If yes, you can try it now!