Perfect Solution For Audio Equipment Using Traditional Binding Posts

2017-08-03 09:44:24 editor 141

Do you know what they are when they come into your sight? Or are their main function familiar to you? They look like bullets or even artworks.


Actually, they are banana plugs because of their banana-shaped appearance on one side. So what are they used for? They eliminate the trouble of tightening or loosening the wiring terminals, making it easier to plug in.


What's more, they can be applied in audio equipment such as speakers, audio or video receivers and amplifiers, etc.


Are they of high quality? What are the detailed steps when they are used? Let us find the answers below.


Brass-plated body, high fidelity and free soldering design, simple connection and gold-plated process are five main characteristics of these banana plugs.


Brass-plated Body

Good electrical conductivity and signal transmission as well as less power consumption are the reasons why the banana plugs’ bodies are brass-plated. Corrosion resistance and smooth connection can also be achieved while the body is plated with brass.


Gold-plated Process

Connectors are processed with 24K gold, which can provide anti-oxidation protection and minimize the signal loss. That is a pretty important point, right?


High Fidelity Design

Pure tone quality can be kept because of the high fidelity design. It makes the sound be more real and natural.


Free Soldering Design & Simple Connection

You just need to connect the wires to a plug through the bottom and clamp it down with the screw. Soldering can be avoided, which makes it easier to operate.


It is very tiny with brief and fashion design and exquisite characteristic. Their bodies are equipped with color coded rings which help us to identify the polarity easily. Of course, it fits wires from 12 to 18 AWG.


Connection Steps

We have had a general understanding of the functions and features of these banana plugs. But do you know how to use them? The steps are also extremely easy as it shows.


If you have audio equipment that uses traditional binding posts, these banana plugs will be a good choice. Would you like to have a try? Pls click here for more details.