Comparisons Between Magnetic And Plastic Cell Phone Holders

2017-08-02 08:53:04 editor 142

Cell phones are what we need to use most of the time everyday. In order to facilitate us to have a more comfortable experience, cell phone holders with various designs enter our lives.


As it can be seen, the left two have tiny differences. But the magnetic and plastic cell phone holders are of great difference. So we can have a further understaning of them.


Materials And Weights

Magnetic one is obviously heavier than the plastic one. If you often need to carry around the cell phone holder, the plastic one is better because it is lighter in weight(only 6g). Of course, it is space-saving for it can be folded easily. But if holders are often used on the nightstand, on the desk or in the office and car, magnetic one is more suitable because you do not need to take it with you.


In addition, the magnetic cell phone holder includes two metal plates, one stand base and one 360 degree rotatable head, which is different from the plastic one.


Adjustable Angles

Both can be adjusted from different angles but the adjustable angles are not the same.


Equipped with a super magnetic head, which permits 360 degrees rotation adjustment, this magnetic holder keeps your phone at the angle you need it at and lets you see the display without having to crook your neck.


The plastic one, which has v-shape angle, can be adjusted from 0 to 100 degrees. Both seem attractive enough. You can choose one according to your own preference.


Optional Colors

You can choose blue, white or pink to match your smartphone. And for the magnetic one, gray and silver can be provided.


Requirements of the smartphones

There is one important point that we need to pay attention to. The metal plates are only applicable on these flat back of the smartphones. If your smartphone has a curved back, this type is not recommanded. For the plastic one, there is no worry.



Usage Methods

How to use the plastic one is just a piece of cake. But it is necessary to show you how to use the magnetic one. There are two metal plates of each cell phone holder, so two smartphones can be used. You just need to stick the metal plate on the back of the smartphone, then attach the phone to the stand.


Compatible Sizes

Magnetic cell phone holder is compatible with various sizes of smartphone and 10 inch tablet(no more than 10 inch) while the plastic cell phone holder can hold your 4 - 7.9 inch smartphones, tablets and e-readers.


Although there are many differences between them, skid-proof design are applied to both. The little magnetic pedestal, with its wideand stable base, sits wonderfully on desk or sofa. The other one can also be put on the desk or nightstand without worrying about our smartphone's safety.


Actually both cell phone holders are excellent. The magnetic one with sleek design is compact enough to fit in the corner of the desk to stay out of the way. It is smaller than that in the picture. The plastic one is light enough to be carried with you.


If you have conference calls everyday, it is a perfect gadget to free your hands.

If you want to read via smartphone, it allows you to have a coffee with hands free at the same time.

If you are accustomed to watching movies before sleeping, you do not need to crook you neck with this...


Once you have a smartphone, these brilliant little gadgets will come in handy. Would you like to try one type?