Some Aspects Of Data Wires Will Affect The Charging Speed

2017-08-03 14:43:04 editor 145

Strong cycle and duration performance as well as faster charging speed of the smartphone are what all people pursue though their other demands may different because some people will pursue high performance while others pay more attention to the photographed function.


The battery life depends on the manufacturers but the speed of mobile phone charging is affected by many factors where the impact concerning data lines are often overlooked. Not only the charging speed but also the lifetime of the smartphone will be affected by many aspects of the data line.


Thickness Of The Data Lines

Wire, a part of the data line, is the most important factor that affects the charging speed, generally including four wires with power supply and data transmission functions. What's more, conductors wrapped inside the wires are copper. Tinned copper wire and oxygen-free copper wire are of better quality while conductors made of iron wire are not.  


Conductors differ in thickness. AWG stands for American Wire Gauge, which is part of the wire's internal design specification and is currently the most commonly used industry standard. The smaller the AWG value, the thicker the diameter of the wire. And the emphasis is on the difference of the cross-sectional area. The thicker the wire, the greater the amount of current conductors can carry. That's why the thicker data lines, the faster charging speed.


But a high quality data line is not only equipped with wires, but also a metal braid, which plays a better magnetic field interference shielding effect and protects the data transmission from being interfered. What's more, it greatly enhances the tensile pull performance of data cables.


It would be best to have a layer of aluminum foil shield. Double shielding design can protect the wire from being easily damaged as well as ensure the stability of signal transmission. Some of the high quality data lines will fill cotton thread or other fillers to enhance the anti-breaking ability.



The Length Of The Data Wires

A lot of people prefer longer data lines in order to use smartphones while charging.


But in fact the length of the data line will affect the charging speed, for the wire itself is the resistance. In theory, the shorter the length of the data line, the smaller the loss of wire, then the faster the charging speed. The longer the length of the data line,the greater its resistance, the slower its charging speed.


But some high quality data lines will make up for the loss of current, such as with thicker wires, while increasing the length.


The Interface Of The Data Wires

USB interface consists of USB metal shell and pin. USB pin concludes the plastic shell and contactor. Plastic shell is generally common black, white, blue (USB3.0). Of course it is also has other colors on the market.


USB pin can be gold-plated or silver-plated. Gold-plated USB metal shell is more resistant to plug and pull, but the gold-plated pin is to enhance the performance of the data line. The advantages of gold-plated process are small impedance and power consumption. It is the same with the other end of the interface. The quality of the interface, the welding quality and the interface coating, which will cause resistance, can be reasons why the charging speed of smartphones is slow.


Advices On Choosing Data Wires

At least 26AWG specification of data wires should be chosen. (the smaller the numerial number, the higher specification). Tablet PC is 24AWG at least. Packaging parameter can be regarded as a reference and you can also consult customer service if you choose online shopping.


If thickness of wires with the same specifications is different, theoretically the thicker one is better. But now there are some poor quality data lines will deliberately fill useless things. So it is better to choose a formal and reliable brand.


Select appropriate length. You need to pay attention to the thickness if the length exceeds 1m.


Do not buy Apple's data cable without the MFi certificated chip. Although it can charge iPhone at first, non-certified Apple accessories will pop up a warning prompt after being connected once the system is upgraded. I t will also affect the normal use of Apple products. What's worse, the lifetime of smartphone will also be influenced.