A Monitor Solution For HDMI Devices

2017-08-12 10:35:35 editor 292

Are you looking for a monitor solution for your laptop that only has HDMI output? We often need to use laptop especially when we need to give a report during a meeting.


At this time, the HDMI to VGA adapter is necessary. But when we choose the adapter, what we usually take into consideration are its quality, working effect and some other factors, right?


Its application fields actually are more than this. This item does exactly what you want:


●If you are looking for a low cost, an adequate solution with an RPi 2B or 3B device. You can use it with a raspberry to output video to an old VGA monitor. No need to use the power adapter (USB cable).


●If you are looking to connect your PS4 to a VGA monitor or TV input, this is the right way to go. You surely can get more fun.


●Connecting your laptop to a television display or projector can also be achieved. 


●Obviously with any HDMI-to-VGA, you may run into trouble with how the audio is going to leave the computer. Will the computer sense that it should send sound out the HDMI port rather than the headphones jack? But you do not need to worry about this. The Ugreen adapter has a stereo output jack that usually solves this pretty cleanly.


Just like what we discussed above, Your laptop only has an HDMI port for video, but you need to connect to your older VGA monitor. So this adapter allows a standard VGA connection. Then you will be so happy about this.


In all, it is compatible with PC, Laptop, Ultrabook, Rasberry Pi, Chromebook, MacBook, Roku, Smart TV Box and other devices with HDMI interface.


Would you like to see its practical use? Here some pictures of its application are shown for your reference.


I tried to connect the HDMI interface with Lenovo computer. I was impressed with the ease of use. It was pretty much plug-and-play. The quality of the image display is also satisfying. That is called mirror mode as we can see. The picture on the display is much clearer than that of the laptop.  


Of course, modes are optional. Extend mode is also often used by you, right? Just like this! You can use two screens to do what you need to do.



I found a 3.5mm audio jack on the adapter. So its function obviously could be seen. But will the audio jack on the laptop work when the adapter is connected to the laptop? So I played the music to check this.  The audio jack on the laptop did not work but an audio jack on the adapter worked.



Upon plugging it in, the computer immediately recognized it as a video output and audio playback. The high-resolution video and audio were excellent. The connections all felt solid. It has female threads allowing you to screw the VGA connector from the monitor securely into the adapter. 



If you need to connect smart tv box and raspberry Pi devices, a micro USB offering additional power makes it more stable and better performed.



Actually like it being two pieces with a cord in between - we travel a lot and easier to find in our bags than the single piece models. It makes our travelling more comfortable.


Having seen the operation and details images, do you also think that this is indeed a worth gadget no matter when we are at home, in the office or even we need to take a business trip? Have you tried any other monitor solutions? This HDMI to VGA converter with 3.5mm audio jack is worth trying.