You Can Share Music And Films Stored In Smartphone With Two Headsets

2017-08-07 17:52:05 editor 108

Do you often share music or films with your friends, families, colleagues and so on? Do you often use one headset with them? Would you like to share the same music or films with two headsets at the same time.


How does it come to be? Well, this Y splitter is highly recommended when one has used it. So tiny and beautiful gadget! It truely facilitates people’s lives. Two headsets can be applied simultaneously to one equipment.



Great For Travel

Traffic tools are unavoidable in our daily lives. No matter for travelling, going home or taking a business trip, we need to spend a lot of time on the plane or bus with our friends, families or business partners. Enjoy the music or movies for relaxation and listen to reports for business.


Great At Home

When weekends are coming, films are necessary for us, right? But we do not watch films alone, we prefer to enjoy the happy time with families or friends at home. One earphone is not perfect indeed.


Great At School

For college students,we usually have a lot of rest time. Some choose to enjoy music or videos on the playground while appreciating the nature. At dorm, when two want to share films but hope not to disturbe others, it is also a good way.


For teachers, we can use this splitter in a Macbook for student use to create a listening center. Two junior grade students are able to listen/follow along to a read aloud at their reading level.


Look at this cute gadget, small and exquisite enough! It can be completely held in one hand. So you do not need to worry about that it is space-consuming.



I tried this on a smartphone. Play music and use this Y splitter to test the sound quality. Well, The sound quality is not effected and not to mention the sleek design.



What's more, the aluminum case and gold plated terminal are equipped. That's what most people like because this means the Y splitter is of high quality. At least it is of higher quality than the plastic one or one with which you have to fidget with all the time to get the sound to be stereo (have to pull the headphone plugs out just a bit to get the sound right).



A small ring that slides along the two forked cables optionally either keeps them together or separate. This small ring protects the earphone wires. So the wires will not be easily broken.



Many of you may be anxious that its applicable headsets maybe limited. However, it definitely is compatible with all types of earphones.


Sharing music or films with one headset is not perfect enough. But now you can use this Y splitter to get a more comfortable way when sharing music and films!