Are Latest iPhone 8 Images Within The Previous Guesses?

2017-07-27 14:42:14 editor 108

As we know this year, the 10th anniversary of iPhones, is of great significance. A new leak confirm again that iPhone 8  maybe much more expensive than Apple's other smartphones ever. At the same time, guesses of the design, configuration, function and model pictures of iPhone 8 are shown on various websites.


It is still uncertain that whether it will be called iPhone 8 or not(we call it iPhone 8 at present), what new functions and features will be presented and whether its release will be delayed or not.


So what may be the most probable finalized design?


Gordon Kelly, a Forbes contributor, worked with case maker Nodus. He said that it is the finalized design picture of iPhone 8.



Its 5.8 inch large display is surrounded by reduced 4mm bezels. It is not the same with the previous thought that it is bezel-free.


He also said that from the final design picture headphone jack will not be used. Although some people hold the different opinion, iPhone 8 will probably use the Lightning connector port rather than moving to USB-C like Apple's Macbook range.



Power button on the side will be certainly enlarged but the reason is still unclear as Kelly said.



A vertically aligned rear dual camera system may be applied according to the renders. But we still can not confirm the exact configuration and resolution of the lenses.


The downside of iPhone 8 may be the price in most people's eyes. It is said that the price will start from $1,100 to $1,200. Are you attracted by iPhone 8? Will you still buy this new iPhone from Apple?