This “Soap” Can Protect Your Wall Forcefully

2017-07-26 17:03:28 editor 83

When you first see this gadget, do you also think it is a soap? I actually regarded it as a soap because of its shape at first. Are you the same with me? It looks so funny.



Actually, it is a wall protector. So how does it work? Is it really useful enough in our daily life? Pls look at the following picture. It is applied in our daily life.


If you are also troubled by the following situations, it is really a good choice.


Great solution for protecting your walls

If you have a toddler or a bit naughty kid,when he opens a door, it will never be gentle. The door always bangs the wall. So before your walls get damaged, you need this. These blend right in and won't even notice that they're there. This is also better than the flat plastic ones because when the door knob hits this bumper, there's no sound and it absorbs the force.


Great solution for avoiding to disturbe others

One bedroom door would bang against a wall when left open, making noise that awakened the person sleeping in the room on the other side of the wall. So no sound is made when it hits the wall because of this cushion.


Great solution for saving your cost

An exterior door has a knob that sticks out, and had poked a hole in the wallpaper and sheetrock. It can cover up that damage, and prevent it from happening again. It saves up the expense, time, and trouble of repairing the hole in the sheetrock and replacing the foyer's wallpaper!


Great solution for protecting your fridge

You can stick it on the door of the fridge which would hit the pantry door knob or something else whenever opened too wide. It serves the purpose just great.


Actually, apart from these. You can apply it wherever you want. It is a gadget for daily life use.


It is easy to stick and provides great cushiony support to prevent damage. Strong glutinosity and environment-friendly elastic material permit no sound is made when the door hits the wall. Well, you do not need to worry about the suitable material. It can be applied to glass, wallpaper, wood block, ceramic tile, metal and lime wall,etc.


It is time to apply this gadget in your house now. Do you wanna try?