Ugreen 2017 Tourism -- Heyuan, Guangdong

2018-08-09 14:32:24 editor 241

Annual happy tourist activity was organized last weekend. Ugreen family was divided into two groups to take trips for two weeks because of the great number of its members.

Yes, everyone was very excited before this trip. It was not only a good chance for our metal and physicals relaxation but also for further understanding our living environment.


Time To Start Off

Everything was arranged in perfect order and getting on very well on Saturday morning. We started off with a happy mood.


First Stop: Evergreen Valley

Evergreen Lake, a perennial green and living place without pollution, showed us a pure natural beauty. Heyuan is famous for its picturesque scenery. We were surprised by the fact that evergreen Lake is one of the source region of Nongfu Spring. Obviously the water is clean enough for people to drink.


Valley rafting is well-loved and you can see the happiness on their faces. We also helped each other. My partner and I were often trapped in the corner but could always get help from others. So moved!


Water fight is indispensable of course. Safety helmets even displaced the water ladle!



Second Stop: Yeyuan Hotspring Hotel

Water park, hotspring and delicious food,pleasant surroundings looked great. We spent the happy time together.


Can you imagine that there are a great number of books in the hotel? Coffee time was excellent with some books. This habit can be kept in our rest time. Enjoy knowlegde and enjoy a simple life.


Everyone got along well with others, these postures looked so interesting. Always be young and happy at heart like them!


Last Stop: Changjin Snow World

Snow world was also wonderful enough for Ugreen family to feel the cold air in hot summer. Quilted jacket, snow boots and snowflake overcame the severe heat. In July, we saw the snow-covered landscape. Sounds exciting!


Tourism was over soon. In two days, we enjoyed driftage, water park, hot spring, delicious food,ice world and luxurious villas. Especially the food made the trip more wonderful!


Hakka culture, one special kind culture,exudes the charm of traditional Chinese culture. The distinctive building and delicious food enriched our experience greatly. Compared with spicy food, lite food also attracted lots of people's attention.


Family members got relaxed and spirits kept up well. Ugreen is not only a platform but also a big family where everyone is of great importance and plays a key role in order to guarantee the normal running.


Ugreen family strengthened friendships and relaxed themselves in this tourism. And they are looking forward to having a new happy trip with new family members in 2018.