How To Avoid The Dents In Your Hands

2017-07-24 14:52:51 editor 172

Ever since people got their smartphons they perhaps have been keeping one habit. Yes, they will hold the smartphones on hands for a long time to watch films, search on the Internet, play games or communicate with friends.


You can check your pinky fingers.Are they the same with these?



This is caused by the way you hold your smartphone.



When smartphone is held with one hand, your pinky finger supports most of the weight, gradually dents in pinky finger with different degrees are unavoidable.


Vents on my pinky fingers are also clear, but not severe enough. Most of the time if occasion permits, cell phone holder will be used. It can protect your fingers and antisternum. Looks well, right?



This gadget indeed bring us a more convenient and comfortable life.

Not only smartphone but also tablet PC can be nipped by cell phone holder with a wider stretching range.


Tablet PC is more heavier than smartphone, which means that a higher quality pole is needed. In addition, the requirements of the length and bent degree are different according to various occasions. So the cell phone holder should be easy to adjust and firm and be coriaceous enough.



There is one common defect of many cell phone holders on the market. We usually need great effort to clamp the holder in a thicker table or it will fall off easily. So at this time, this type is of great importance.


Hands and antisternum are important for us. This type of cell phone holder is useful enough. More information can be got when clicking the above picture.