How To Prolong Our Data Lines' Life Time

2017-07-21 09:02:22 editor 115

Nowadays, the faster smartphones update, the more frequently we change the smartphones. The speed for us to update our data wires is also faster. But it is not because of smartphone update but our use habits. Contact miss and joint crack are common. Are you curious about this? Why the data wires can not be used for a longer time? Is there a good solution?


Here we go:

Plug And Pluck Habit

Compared to the data wires, the charge head is seldom have broken. That is why?

Many people likes playing the smartphone when smartphone is being charged. Then the smartphone will move here and there, which will eventually result in the damage of the data wires. What’s worse, the data wire head will be torn down, let alone the data wire crack.



Please try to hold the data wires head when you unplug the data wire. That will keep the data lines safer.


Data Wires' Dropping On The Floor

We may wonder that there is no cat or dog on the floor, why the data wires are easy to be broken. In fact, it is because we are accustomed to put our smartphones on the table or cabinet when charging them. The place of USB port is relatively lower. When we do not charge the smartphone, it is easy for the data wire to slide on to the floor. At that time if data wires are trampled by people or pressed by chair. Oh, no! Can you imagine?



It is so easy. Just stick the cable clips holder on the table. A perfect tool to deal with this situation!


As the picture shows, this cable clips holder can nip headphone line or power line. When the lines are not used, they can be nipped at the edge of the table. Beautiful and space efficience and it can protect the data wires. Three colors can be chosen. Sounds great.



Quality Of The Data wires

Generally when the original data wires are broken, we will choose a easier way to buy one instead of going to official website. Actually, the quality can not be guaranteed. It can be used for one or two times. But in the long term, it may do harm to your smartphone.



Try to choose the original one or data wires with big brand. After all, it will be used as long as your phone is being used. So you need to take quality into consideration first.



However, it is not easy to change the use habit. If the above solutions are not useful for you. Then the last method (choose the most sturdy data wire ) can be used. Hand-sewn cowboy leather data wire, which is sturdy and durable, is a good choice.