3-in-1 Cable Accommodates All Mobile Interfaces

2017-07-20 09:16:02 editor 186

Type C interface, firstly applied by LETV, is getting more and more popular as we know. Later many brands put this technology to use one after another. But the full popularity costs time. Now most of the traditional Android phone adopt micro usb interface, which means that Apple's Lighting interface, type C interface and micro USB interface are three main types on the market now.


This Ugreen multifunctional 3-in-1 cable, including Micro USB, Type-C, Lighting connectors, can suit all smartphones. Whatever interface your smartphone is equipped, you just need one data wire. 



So why should we use this  3-in-1 cable? There are many cases in which we need to use it:


Carry It With You

If you have at least two smartphones with different interfaces, you need to take at least two data lines when travelling or being on a business trip , let alone the business people who have three smartphones with different interfaces. Smartphone power is closely linked with business, but taking three data lines with you is too troublesome. In fact, one is enough now.


Share With Families And Friends

Most of the family are unlikely to have the same smartphone interfaces and prefer plug the data wires for next time use instead of puting them away, which will  look very messy. In addition, if such a case does not exist, what about your friends who visit you? In general, they will not take a data wire with them, especially boys.


Once important festivals are coming, relatives or friends will come to visit you. Keep one 3 in 1 cable will keep your house clean and give comforts to other. Why not?


Put In The Car

Actually, the chance for your friends, colleagues and even leaders are more likely to use your data wires in your car. You may go out to play or travel with your friends. So it is necessary to prepare a 3 in 1 data wire in your car in case of need. Do you think so?


Security And Charging Effect

Do you worry about the 3-in-1 cable's security and charging effect? Actually, it is nothing to worry about. Why am I so convinced? In fact, only micro USB connector is directly connected with the main line of this 3 in 1 data line, which means that the other two will be electrified only when they are plugged in power. This is much safer than those multi-ports data lines whose all ports are electrified when one is being used. Do you know thats why? When micro USB is being used with the other two ports being electrified, if the ports touch metal or water, short circuit problem will damage your smartphone. And compared with the separated connectors, this 3-in-1 design will be more convenient and much safer.


A number of people misunderstand that the joggled data wire is not as good as the separate one. Yes, the effect of the multi-ports data line will not be good if it is of poor quality. But only if the quality is good, there will be no difference between them in the aspects of the charging and data transmission effects.  


Especially the Lighting connector, if it does not get Apple's official MFI certification, it may not be used normally. What's worse, it will do harm to your iphone. By the way, the price of the product with Apple's MFI certification is not cheap, because Apple needs to charge royalties. If there is no official Apple certification, maybe the accessories can not be used once iphone updates the system.