Do You Wanna Use Electricity In A Safer Environment ?

2017-07-15 09:21:32 editor 171

As parents, babies' safety is what parents care about most. However, parents can not keep their eyes fixed on their babies all the time. So we try many methods to prevent babies from being hurt at home. Electric shock is one hidden danger.


As long as the current source can not be touched by babie they will be safe. So a cable management box is necessary. And why? We can know this answer now.


Plug and play funtion makes it easier to use the cable management box. Sounds great!

Large Size + Versitile Design

Cable management box is very spacious and flexible to fit different types of extension cords and cables. No more tangled cables are visible in your living room, desk, kitchen, office,study and so on because everything is hidden by this box. Then your baby and pet will be safer and your house can be much cleaner. 


Multi-openings Design

This box is more versatile with the back-side openings in addition to the side slits. And the sliver openings on top make it easy to slip a mobile phone charging cord (or some small size plug) through.


Sturdy And Non-slip

This box is made of fireproofing and sturdy ABS material. Two rubber feets on the box bottom prevent it from slipping. Of course,it is odourless and environment friendly. And buckle design is adopted. Sounds great, right?


Babies and pets' safeties and cleanliness of the house or office can be realized at the same time. If you are still worrying about babies' satefy and troubled by the mess of various power lines,video and audio cables ,etc. It is a good choice. Why not try this cable management box?