How To Enlarge The Screen Of Your Tablet PC

2017-07-15 09:04:43 editor 123

Do you always take two HDMI and VGA converters when you need them? The device interface may not suit the converter port, indeed two converters are necessary under these circumstances. However, you can prefer one tiny and functional converter.


This mini DP to HDMI / VGA converter helps people solve this trouble. Do you know how? Yes, we can get more detailed information as described below.

2 In 1 Design


2 in 1 design permits people just taking one converter to achieve hdmi or vga outputs’ connection with other devices. But just one of the two outputs can be used at a time.

Gold-plated Head+Stable Transmission 


It uses gold-plated head which is of high quality. And stable transmission can also be realized because of the oxgen free copper materials.

High Solution + Handy+ Tiny 


It supports video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and 1080p (Full HD). With the tiny appearance, it is handy. 

Its features are now familiar to us. Do you know its application areas? Well, just like the following occasions show, we do have a pleasant experiance with it.

Application Areas


This shows how the ports work in real situations. It suits MAC series, surface Pro series and Lenove Thinkpad X series.


You can get a second screen with the help of the converter. Looks cool!


At the meeting room, showing your ideas and thoughts clearly to others is important. You can do it now!


When your family want to share wonderful films with you, you can see the screen of the tablet PC is too small. At that time, you can use the converter to deal with the problem.

With so many advantages and application areas, this mini DP to HDMI/VGA converter is truly a good choice when you are troubled by these situations. You can try this tiny converter for it is handy to take. Hope you can have a great time at home and in the office with it!