• The A to Z History of iPhone Battery (And Charging) Technology

    From the iPhone 1st generation (2007) to the new iPhone 11 Series (2019), Apple has released 24 iPhones in the past 13 years. Today, we will talk about the history of iPhone battery and charging technology over the last 13 years.

    2019/11/15 ugreen 16

  • The Secret of iPhone 11 & iPhone XR Screen Revealed

    After you started to use the new iPhone 11, you already knew that the iPhone 11 has a great upgrade in its hardware and performance. But, do you notice that the iPhone 11 screen size is similar to iPhone XR 2018? Does two iPhones screen protector compatible with each other?

    2019/11/06 ugreen 15

  • Ugreen's PD Power Bank for iPhone 11 [2019]

    Ugreen released the PD (Power Delivery) power bank for the newest iPhone 11 series. Adding a USB-C output port to support the PD 18W fast charging function, which means that the new iPhone can completely get rid of the 5W slow charging speed.

    2019/10/28 ugreen 38

  • Why does the iPhone 11 not come with PD fast charger?

    Apple is only a high-end version of the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max standard fast charge, entry-level iPhone 11 or 5W charging kit. So why doesn't the iPhone11 come standard with PD fast charging?

    2019/10/24 ugreen 18

  • The Best iPhone 11 Covers & Cases to Protect Your Apple

    How to protect your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro max? Ugreen Online Store is offering up to 20% OFF for the screen protector and phone case of iPhone 11 series.

    2019/10/19 ugreen 26

  • Find Out Now, Will the PD Fast Charging Damage Your iPhone 11?

    Find Out Now, Will the PD Fast Charging Damage Your iPhone 11. Some people worry that the high-power PD fast charging will shorten the life of iPhone battery. Is this kind of worry necessary? We will do a deep analysis based on the working principle of the Lithium battery and Apple's official instructions.

    2019/10/16 ugreen 31

  • Best Battery Decoration for Halloween

    The 10000mAh PD Power Bank feels really good, soft and not hard, and it will not feel bulky.

    2019/10/15 ugreen 452

  • UGREEN Gift Box - Unboxing Overview

    Fans who are familiar with us know that one of our prizes in our recent giveaway is a mysterious gift box. You must be as curious about this gift box as I am. Today, let us draw a veil over what followed.

    2019/09/27 ugreen 37