• How To Choose A Suitable Car Charger For Yourself

    If we have cars, we may need a car charger to facilitate us to charge friends' or ourselves' smartphones or tablet PCs. But how could we know this car charger is suitable and what should we notice when using the car charger? These will be described in detail.

    2017/11/25 editor 2

  • Upcoming: 10000 mAh USB A/C Outputs Fast Charging Power Bank

    This 10000 mAh power bank are equipped with USB A and USB A ports while at the same time, it features a USB C charging cable. Both output ports are compatible with fast charging. It can charge two devices at the same time. Of course, the power bank is shatter-resistant and its connector and charging cable are durable e..

    2017/11/25 editor 3

  • Top 10 Gadgets 2017 Ranked By TIME

    Apple, Samsung and Microsoft respectively has their own technology to shock the world in 2017. Of course, the top 10 gadgets also include Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch 3,Amazon Echo,Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic and so on. There are also some related accessories for your reference.

    2017/11/23 editor 11

  • 4400mAh Power Bank With Lightning Cable for Apple Watch And iPhone

    It has been two months since new iPhones' launch event. The battery capacities are also revealed to the public, which might dissatisfy its users. The battery time is relevant to its capacity

    2017/11/23 editor 10

  • Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Wireless Charger

    Nowadays there are mainly two ways to charge the smartphones, namely the wireless charging and charging via cables. Well, wireless charging is favored by so many people but what should we know before purchasing the wireless charger. This passage is used to talk about things we need to know about wireless charging.

    2017/11/22 editor 14


    Quá trình xây dựng phát triển cũng như hướng đi của UGREEN VIỆT NAMThe Establishment and development process of  VIETNAM UGREENUGREEN VIỆT NAM khởi đầu từ năm 2..

    2017/11/21 editor 78

  • Wirelessly Enjoy Music On Smartphones And More Devices

    When our smartphones are not equipped with 3.5mm audio jack, or if we wanna listen to music while the smartphone is being charged. The sound of Bluetooth TV can be sent to you via the Bluetooth receiver if you do not want to disturb others while watchingTV.

    2017/11/21 editor 14

  • Black Friday: A Chance To Get Items You Need From Ugreen

    Black Friday, a term that began in Philadelphia in the 1960s, describes the bad traffic conditions of that day. Around the 1980s, businessmen thought it was not appropriate for this negative explanati

    2017/11/20 editor 91