30771 RTS8111 Chip Driver for Windows Vista

2018-11-27 16:46:32 ugreen 142
OS Type:
Windows Vista

Chip Name: RTS8111


Provides Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity to Mac Pro Towers and Windows PCs Simple way to add or expand Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to any compatible computer.it is suitable for multiple market segments and emerging applications, such as desktop, mobile, workstation, server, communications platforms, and embedded applications. 

Wide Application 

1.PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet would be widely used on Motherboard, Notebook, or Embedded system. 

2. Add an Ethernet port to a workstation or server computer, for redundancy or bridging. 

3. Add networking capabilities to an old system with no Ethernet port. 


1.Integrated 10/100/1000M transceiver 

2.Auto-Negotiation with Next Page capability 

3.Supports PCI Express 1.1 

4.Supports pair swap/polarity/skew correction 

5.Crossover Detection & Auto-Correction 

6.Supports 1-Lane 2.5Gbps PCI Express Bus Embedded OTP memory 

7.Transmit/Receive on-chip buffer support 

8.Supports PCI MSI (Message Signaled Interrupt) and MSI-X 

9.Supports 25MHz or 48MHz Oscillator 

10.Supports power down/link down power saving/PHY disable mode 

11.Supports EMAC-393 ECMA ProxZzzy Standard for sleeping hosts 

12.Supports LTR (Latency Tolerance Reporting) and OBFF (Optimized Buffer Flush/Fill) 

13.Supports 16-set 128-byte Wake-Up Frame pattern exact matching 

14.Supports Microsoft WPD (Wake Packet Detection)


1. Power Supply:

(1). Only support 5v power supply. Do NOT connect 12V power source.

(2). Do NOT insert the SATA power supply cable into our PCI-E card in the reverse direction.

2. Do NOT install this PCI-E card when the computer is on.

3. This is the PCI-E card, NOT PCI card. 

4. Please download the driver before using. 

5. Device Manager-Network Adapter-Realtek PCIe Family Cotroller#2.

6. Do NOT support Linux or Mac OS.